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Starbuzz E-Hose


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Starbuzz E-Hose electronic chicha by Square.

Vape without tobacco and nicotine using this e-shisha.

Amazing clouds of smoke with the Starbuzz. Smoke sweet and pleasant.

Ideal for lovers of shisha.

Chicha électronique Starbuzz E-Hose

Starbuzz E-Hose by Square is the latest innovation in quality E-shisha. Reduce your consumption of nicotine and tobacco with ease thanks to the cheap Starbuzz electronic chicha offered by MondialClop, specialist in the sale of smokers articles and especially electronic cigarettes. This product is perfect for lovers of shisha.

The Starbuzz electronic chicha offers many advantages in contrast to a traditional shisha. Indeed, the amount of smoke is surprising, sweet, and pleasant. And, you do not put in any case in danger your health. But also, you no longer need to prepare your shisha with tobacco, aluminum, water, and charcoal ... So you save a lot of time.

Very easy to use, simply insert the 2 flavored cartridges into the electronic tube. If you wish, you can mix tastes. All you have to do is vape your portable e-chicha without tobacco and nicotine ...

Moreover, the cartridges of taste Starbuzz very tasty exist under many perfumes including irish preach, blue mist, sex on the beach, queen of sex, simply mint, pink, green savior, etc. For information, these products are among the best tobaccos for shisha in the world.

Your Starbuzz E-Hose e-chicha comes with the following accessories: 1 wall charger, 1 adapter, 1 electronic hose, 1 hose nozzle, 2 silicone sanitary tips, 2 blue mist flavored cartridges and instructions for use.

MondialClop invites you to discover all the electronic shisha that could please you in the online store.


- Type: e-shisha

- Manufacturer: Square

- Height: 38 cm

- Cartridges: with 2 cartridges, you can vapote up to 500 times


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